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Mold Test Kits: 
BioTape Surface Samplers

Picture of Bio-Tape Sampler for mold testing

Picture of Bio-Tape™ Surface Sampler

Bio-Tape™ provides a standardized sampling method for the determination of
mold, microbial, bioaerosol, and inorganic dust contamination. It provides the
ability to quickly take a sample and measure the relative degree of contamination.

Bio-Tape consists of a flexible plastic microscope slide with a pre-defined adhesive area. A center-line marker on the slide aids the user in locating the center when taking the sample and also aids the laboratory analyst in finding the center of the sample. Each slide is provided with a unique serial number for traceability and packed in a slide mailer to prevent cross contamination.  Features:
  • Provides sample consistency and uniformity
  • Easier to handle than tape
  • Individually Serialized for Traceability
  • Prevents Cross Contamination
  • Eliminates problems of placing tape in a zip bag, or broken slides during transport
  • Requires less laboratory prep time.
  • Ideal for mold sampling and testing
  • Compatible with both optical microscope & scanning electron microscopy

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Order Your Bio-Tape Samples With
or Without Mold Lab Analysis

For delivery outside of USA & Canada, please email for price.

1 Bio-Tape Sample Sent Via U.S. first class mail inside USA/Canada $5

1 Bio-Tape Sample Including Mold Lab Analysis of Bio-Tape Mold Sample $50

3 Bio-Tape Samples Sent Via U.S. first class mail inside USA/Canada $10

3 Bio-Tape Samples Including Mold Lab Analysis of Bio-Tape Mold Samples $150

10 Bio-Tape Samples Sent Via U.S. first class mail inside USA/Canada $25

10 Bio-Tape Samples Including Mold Lab Analysis of Bio-Tape Mold Samples $500
Bio-Tape™ Standardized Method for Surface Sampling
1. Mold expert Phillip Fry recommends that multiple samples are collected from both suspect and non-suspect (control) areas for comparison.
2. Remove the slide from provided slide mailer. The flexible plastic slide allows you to place the adhesive on the surface to be sampled
    while holding the non-sticky end of the slide.
3. Document the sample location by printing on the slide label the precise sampling location ("west living room wall", "inside bathroom air con duct",
    etc.), and complete any required documentation ("chain of custody") for the laboratory.
4. Peel off protective liner from slide to expose adhesive
5. Place slide with the adhesive side down on the surface to be sampled. Use the centering line as a guide to let you know where the middle
    of the adhesive area is, and then use the centering line to orient the adhesive over the exact sample location desired.
6. Gently press down to ensure contact is made. DO NOT press down hard. The  adhesive is very tacky and only needs to be pressed gently.
7. Carefully remove slide from surface and place back into slide mailer. DO NOT replace the plastic “Peel” liner.
8. Send slide to laboratory for analysis.

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